My First Blog Post

Never be ashamed of being yourself!!!

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

There are a lot of people out there,who dictate how you should be living your life. They get bothered when you are being yourself. Just don’t pay attention to their rude words. People only get jealous when they can’t afford being you.Screw the opinions of others.Don’t get frustrated by the thoughts like What would people say If I live my life based on my own terms. Just lead in your life as you wish. So when you reach the end,you don’t have regrets of never taking a chance …

A little about Me!

Hello all!!!I am Niharika Daivik and I’m a student. I love reading .So,I am just starting with my writing bug. I am staying all by myself as a student in a country which I had never been to. So,it’s just my way of killing time.My blog will be a lot about my thoughts on life,society,pressures. And some short stories written by me.To be candid,writing is like a therapy for me which sort of heals me. So, bear with me If I make any mistakes, and give me your valuable feedback on my blogging.Thank you all!!!! #zerotohero#blogging #photography#writing

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