Never trusting anyone!

Have you been through a time in your life, where you met a person ,you thought he/she is an amazing one in the beginning. But,the more you travel with them ,you find out that this person is not what you imagined them to be. I guess we’ve all been through that.

We trust our friend. We share our darkest and deepest secrets with them expecting that it would stay hidden forever. But ,they break your trust and expose your secret.This might have happened with each one of us a couple of times. And then we decide not to trust anyone again,because we are scared of getting hurt by trusting again.That is the reason I never dare to trust anyone.Because we are all scared of getting hurt by our own friends or even family members.You never really know what lies on the other side someone’s face.

Never trusting anyone doesn’t mean you ignore everyone. You are good to them. You are kind to everyone. But you are careful when trusting them .You choose people wisely with whom you can share your secrets or personal life struggles. Beacuse as it is said in an anime princess mononoke “These days, there are angry ghosts all around us. Dead from wars, sickness, starvation, and nobody cares. So – you say you’re under a curse. So what, so’s the whole damn world” .No one really gives a damn if you are had a misery in your life. Some might even make fun of it behind your back.But don’t be disappointed cause in this world we have all sorts of people and you should know how to deal with each and everyone of them.That is the only way to get through.

Why can’t we go for what we like?

We live in a materialistic world. We live in a society where having money,luxurious lifestyle is more important than being human.We value assets more than people. We value stocks more than relationships.We are never satisfied by our growth. We always yearn for something more. We always do.

The society has brainwashed us from the beginning .They dictate how we should be living our lives. We should live by those rules set by the hypocrite society which is filled with just a bunch of insecure fools.These rules include having a big car,big house, a reputation in the society,having a job with a paycheck of 6 digit number and the list goes on. If you don’t end up following these rules ,then you might be abandoned by them.

The world shows less respect for people who live for their dreams rather than “more” money.But, why should we listen to them and not to our hearts?I’m sure everyone in this world want to achieve something in their lives. They might have goals and dreams of their own. These dreams are not for fitting into the society but maybe thinking out of the box, ,maybe creating something. The hypocrite society has a way of stepping on people’s dreams,on their confidence.How beautiful would our lives be, when we follow our dreams rather than those rules.

Why does being kind matter?

Have you ever been through a situation, where someone passed very hurtful comments about you. It might be about your personality, the way you look, or whatever that might be the case. I think all of us been through those situations. Where we do get hurt, but we might not be able to express it because we think no one cares.

To be candid, I have been through a lot of judgement. A lot of them judged me for the way I am, for being myself.They had trouble about me being myself. They would pass comments which I find hurtful and they don’t. And these judgement kind of broke my confidence, and developed inferiority complex in me,that I began to compare myself with everyone around me just to think that I’m not good enough. Words have this power you see, they can leave a deep scar in your heart without anyone even realizing it. The physical pain is visible to all, but the emotional pain, it is quite sad that no one knows how worse it can be until they get to experience it. There is a saying that goes”What if all the words you ever speak appear on your body?then you would be very careful about what to speak”. Because everyone would know what sort of a person you are!Then you wouldn’t utter a single negative word.

The case is everyone in this world is going through some sort of difficulties. You know , everyone has a story.But,not everyone knows about it.Someone lost their loved one. Someone is dealing with physical or mental health issues,someone is facing relationship problems and the list goes on. There is no scarcity for human troubles. But not everyone is interested in talking about their tough times or sad past.If you say something hurtful to people who are going through difficult times as such, do you even wonder how that might affect their emotional health? How much it might break them emotionally? So, instead of passing negative comments about someone,why don’t we just speak words of kindness, compassion,compliments.

Words have the power to break a person and even to heal a person. So, let’s just use our words wisely. Choose words that can encourage others, that can heal, that can make someone’s day. Even if you want to review someone’s work, let’s try the positive approach rather than a negative one. Let us all strive to make this world a happier place!!! 🙂

What is success?

In this world, every single individual strives for success. They want to build a successful life. But success is not always about money or career. Different individuals have different perspective about success.

For a person who is suffering from a disease,for them making out alive is success. For someone who is poor, for them having a good amount of wealth is success. For a person who is an orphan, having a family is success. So, success is not just about one particular thing.It has different meanings,perspectives depending on the individual chosen.

As for me, being successful would mean being kind, compassionate,generous and contributing for the betterment of the lives around us.Bringing smiles wherever you go, saying kind words and even appreciating the little things people do for us .It’s all that matters in anyone’s life.

What matters the most in this world?

I think most of us have stumbled on this question at least once in our lives. We don’t know what actually matters. We always wonder whether it is fame,money or is there something else which is beyond everything?We are living in a society which is always in a rush to go somewhere. We are always stressed about something. We work as if there is no tomorrow. We keep worrying about our looks,our wealth,our career and the list just goes on and on.

We spend more than half of our lives worrying about how we look. We spend the other half for making money,building a successful career, forming relationships. If money the most important thing in this world, then why doesn’t it wipe our tears when we are sad? If looks matter the most,then why are the most beautiful faces in the world (as of various magazines rank) go through tough times?They should be the most happy ones.

In this world, everything and everyone is temporary.There is nothing like a permanent thing or person.If anything that is of value,then according to me it is the moment you are living in. Don’t bother about the past, which is long gone.Don’t worry about the future because it hasn’t yet arrived.And you never know what tomorrow might bring in.So, why waste time in running after fame, money,success which are nothing but temporary?Instead why don’t we try living in this moment,making the most of it.All that matters is whether you are happy in the given is all that matters whether you are happy.  

Dealing with loss of a loved one

I guess we all have been through situations like this when we lost someone whom we love the most in this world . It’s very difficult to digest the fact that the person whom you treasure the most is not here anymore. That person might be your parent,grandparent,sibling,friend,partner,crush ,anyone. It leaves us in a traumatic state for a while. We cannot comprehend what is going on in our lives. It would feel as if our lives mean nothing without their presence. Death is something that is inevitable part of being human. It’s not something we could alter. 

The best way to deal with it is to accept it in the first place. A lot of them live in denial which would only make them suffer more.The faster you accept it, the better.We might be going through worst case scenarios, the best way to deal with any of them is to go through them and not to run away from them. No matter how much you run away from it ,the more it consumes you.

Sometimes talking to a close friend or family lessens your pain and it sort of helps you in healing.Even therapy helps you in handling the pain.At the end of the day,you just cannot stop living your life just because your loved one had vanished from it. That’s not what they would wish for. Your loved one would only wish for your well being, they would only like to see you happy. There is no other pain in this world like such,but the show must go on and your life too must go on without any pauses.

Things you experience while living alone!!!

You can be student or an employee living all by yourself. Whatever the situation might be,this post is for you if you’re currently living ALONE!!! It might sound scary for some and exciting for others.But, I guess we all need to take this adventure of living with yourself without being dependent on others. Here are the things I got to experience while living alone

  • You have no one to lean on in the beginning

This is scary at the very beginning of your adventurous journey. Back at your home,you might have your friends and family who always got your back.But,when you go to a place far away from home,everyone around you is a stranger to you. This is all in the beginning.Eventually,as time passes by you will make new friends .

  • You need to motivate yourself

 If you have never lived all by yourself,this is a challenging phase for you.In the beginning,it is so frustrating to manage everything on your own.There will be times when you might regret your decision.”Why did I go for this?” is a common thought that keeps lurking in your mind. But in times like this,you have to stay strong and you have to motivate yourself in order to keep going.

  • You make your own food even you feel lazy

If you are not good at cooking,this is going to be super challenging for you.There will be times when you might burn the food or the food might taste terrible.But you have no other option. If you don’t want to neglect your health,you have to be really careful about your diet.And you have to cook all by yourself.If you eat junk food for prolonged period,you might end up sick.And you can’t take the risk of being sick when you are living alone.Not a good idea.

  • You manage your own expenses

Whether it can be grocery shopping or paying bills on time,you have to do it all by yourself.This might suck at the beginning,but time sets everything straight.Sometimes you wonder how great you are at it or it can go the other way as well(how you suck at it).You don’t feel like spending too much or spending too little. What a mess?!

  • You become confident and stronger than you were before

Being honest,not everyone has the courage to live alone. It takes a lot of strength to go for it.Or this is how I’d like to cheer up myself 😉 At the end of the day,it’s all about who you became as a person. You suddenly start feeling so confident about yourself.Nothing scares you that much.You feel like you became a stronger version of yourself.

  • You start to enjoy your own company

It all starts by loving yourself. And this step happens when you spend time with yourself.When you live alone,you become aware of your strengths,likes,dislikes,weakness and what not.In the process of knowing yourself,you might even fall in love with yourself.Maybe you even end up talking to yourself,which might sound crazy for others.As swami Vivekanada said”Talk to yourself at least once in a day,Otherwise you may miss meeting an excellent person in this world”. That’s how precious is your ME time!!!!

  • You miss your family and friends

This is the phase for all those who love their people so much.It is difficult to stay away from your family,friends,partner.But,thanks to the technology,you can be in touch with all of them every single day. And you don’t feel like you are staying away from them.

  • You’ll be surprised at the outcome of your decision

So,in the end,you have good experiences , bad experiences. The good ones will give you memories and the bad ones turn you into a stronger individual.Whatever it is, this journey of living alone would never disappoint you.You will be surprised at the person you became at the end of this whole journey.

Life in a Pass-Fail perspective

A lot of students think that life falls into one of these two categories: Pass or Fail. The pass doesn’t scare you much. The fail does.If you belong to a very competitive society,then you would probably be having nightmares about failing. Its not our fault. Maybe it’s the fault of the society which is made up of some insecure beliefs ,that compels us to believe the way they do. To be honest, even I get scared when I think about the grades, the marks,the entire pass or fail thing. I bet we all do. We get scared of failing an exam,failing in an interview, failing in relationships,failing in having a successful career and what not. Be honest, we all do get scared at some point in our lives, or maybe everyday. We get scared by the thoughts like “what happens if I don’t live up to the standards the society had set for successful LIFE?”.We get scared when we think about future.We get anxious thinking about our past.We get scared every minute of our lives just by thinking or we can call it OVERTHINKING.

Just the perspective of life as Pass-Fail makes it miserable.We are humiliating ourselves by seeing our identity as mere numbers or grades or possessions.We are much more than that materialistic stuff. We are LIFE in our bodies. We are that LIFE without which the bodies are considered mere DEAD. We are that energy which keeps our bodies alive. We are that beings who have the capability to feel emotions.We are that beings who can light up someones world,who can make others laugh,who can care for others. We are “THAT”.

So never make a mistake of undervaluing yourself by thinking that your life is not worth it because you failed an exam,or didn’t crack an interview, or failed in a relationship. Cause you are much more than all of this stuff. Remember ,”You are LIFE”.

My First Blog Post

Never be ashamed of being yourself!!!

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

There are a lot of people out there,who dictate how you should be living your life. They get bothered when you are being yourself. Just don’t pay attention to their rude words. People only get jealous when they can’t afford being you.Screw the opinions of others.Don’t get frustrated by the thoughts like What would people say If I live my life based on my own terms. Just lead in your life as you wish. So when you reach the end,you don’t have regrets of never taking a chance …

A little about Me!

Hello all!!!I am Niharika Daivik and I’m a student. I love reading .So,I am just starting with my writing bug. I am staying all by myself as a student in a country which I had never been to. So,it’s just my way of killing time.My blog will be a lot about my thoughts on life,society,pressures. And some short stories written by me.To be candid,writing is like a therapy for me which sort of heals me. So, bear with me If I make any mistakes, and give me your valuable feedback on my blogging.Thank you all!!!! #zerotohero#blogging #photography#writing

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