Never compare yourself with others

We might have heard this line about a million times in our lives. But,in the end we still compare ourselves with others. In the end we think it’s all about who makes it big. As a kid , we were compared with the rest of the kids in our school,even in neighborhood regarding who isContinue reading “Never compare yourself with others”

Happiness in if-then perspective!!!

From our childhood,it has been installed in our brains that happiness is something we need to chase after. Happiness was more like an entity,an object you see. They say that if you possess more materialistic stuff ,you will be more happy. If you are famous ,then you’ll be happy.If you are have a luxurious lifestyle,thenContinue reading “Happiness in if-then perspective!!!”

Never trusting anyone!

Have you been through a time in your life, where you met a person ,you thought he/she is an amazing one in the beginning. But,the more you travel with them ,you find out that this person is not what you imagined them to be. I guess we’ve all been through that. We trust our friend.Continue reading “Never trusting anyone!”

Why can’t we go for what we like?

We live in a materialistic world. We live in a society where having money,luxurious lifestyle is more important than being human.We value assets more than people. We value stocks more than relationships.We are never satisfied by our growth. We always yearn for something more. We always do. The society has brainwashed us from the beginningContinue reading “Why can’t we go for what we like?”

Why does being kind matter?

Have you ever been through a situation, where someone passed very hurtful comments about you. It might be about your personality, the way you look, or whatever that might be the case. I think all of us been through those situations. Where we do get hurt, but we might not be able to express itContinue reading “Why does being kind matter?”

What is success?

In this world, every single individual strives for success. They want to build a successful life. But success is not always about money or career. Different individuals have different perspective about success. For a person who is suffering from a disease,for them making out alive is success. For someone who is poor, for them havingContinue reading “What is success?”

What matters the most in this world?

I think most of us have stumbled on this question at least once in our lives. We don’t know what actually matters. We always wonder whether it is fame,money or is there something else which is beyond everything?We are living in a society which is always in a rush to go somewhere. We are alwaysContinue reading “What matters the most in this world?”

Dealing with loss of a loved one

I guess we all have been through situations like this when we lost someone whom we love the most in this world . It’s very difficult to digest the fact that the person whom you treasure the most is not here anymore. That person might be your parent,grandparent,sibling,friend,partner,crush ,anyone. It leaves us in a traumatic state for a while. We cannot comprehend what is going on in our lives. It would feel as if our lives mean nothing without their presence. Death is something that is inevitable part of being human. It’s not something we could alter.  The best way to deal with it is to accept it in the first place. A lot of them live in denial which would only make them suffer more.The faster you accept it, the better.We might be going through worst case scenarios, the best way to deal with any of them is to go through them and not to run away from them. No matter how much you run away from it ,the more it consumes you. Sometimes talking to a close friend or family lessens your pain and it sort of helps you in healing.Even therapy helps you in handling the pain.At the end of the day,you just cannot stop living your life just because your loved one had vanished from it. That’s not what they would wish for. Your loved one would only wish for your well being, they would only like to see you happy. There is no other pain in this world like such,but the show must go on and your life too must go on without any pauses.

Things you experience while living alone!!!

You can be student or an employee living all by yourself. Whatever the situation might be,this post is for you if you’re currently living ALONE!!! It might sound scary for some and exciting for others.But, I guess we all need to take this adventure of living with yourself without being dependent on others. Here areContinue reading “Things you experience while living alone!!!”

Life in a Pass-Fail perspective

A lot of students think that life falls into one of these two categories: Pass or Fail. The pass doesn’t scare you much. The fail does.If you belong to a very competitive society,then you would probably be having nightmares about failing. Its not our fault. Maybe it’s the fault of the society which is madeContinue reading “Life in a Pass-Fail perspective”