Emotions play a vital role in our existence. They make us feel important, threatened, comfortable, loved, guilty and what not. If you don’t display any emotion, people will come to a conclusion that something is wrong with you. You might be labeled as psycho, cold hearted, rude, arrogant, not considerate enough and blah blah blah..

For example, when a person gets in control of their emotion “ANGER”, they lose it . They can go to any extent in that brief moment, from hurting themselves to even hurting other people. If not taken care of ,this anger can even lead to revenge .The same goes with other emotions jealousy, sadness, disgust. Right amount of guilt can be quite useful in knowing if you are doing something wrong and rectifying your mistakes. But guilt in excess can be dangerous. Emotion like sadness lets you connect with people who are going through pain and thus helps you in developing compassion and kindness.

Emotions are often like roller coaster ride. You might be excited for a while when you are experiencing a certain high in life, but when there is a sudden low, you can’t afford to be too sad. If you depend too much on them, they are certain to ruin your state of mind and even your day.

Emotions can be useful and even dangerous. It depends on how you regulate them and make the best use of it by not letting them take control over you. Make sure to be the BOSS of your emotions rather than a SLAVE.

Published by Niharika Daivik

A human cannot be put down into few words :)

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