Need for validation

A few days back I was uploading a post on my social media, and it made me feel very anxious. I don’t know why. My mind was telling me all these stories like “How many likes would I get? How many people would comment on it? What if PEOPLE don’t like my picture? What if they find it awkward? Is my picture really that awkward?”. This rollercoaster of thoughts anticipating the outcome of how many people would like my picture , I was pretty disgusted by that. Like how can I let a single picture to control my mind? or Why am I letting my mind bother me about a single pic?

That’s when I realized this is the world that I live in, where we post about our daily life no matter how trivial that post can be(like a woke up like this selfie to breakfast feast picture) to let our followers know what we are up to. And now it doesn’t make any sense to me. What have we made out of ourselves? What is the need of this constant need of justification and validation .Why should people know what is happening in your daily life? Why should these comments and likes and followers decide our worth?

Why should people judge how happy we are just by looking at the posts and stories, while in reality most of us are struggling to make it through the day. Why can’t we be happy just by being in the present. Why can’t we just stop waiting for everyone’s approval. Is there really a need for validation from FOLLOWERS for us to BE HAPPY?

Published by Niharika Daivik

A human cannot be put down into few words :)

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