A profound seven letter word “silence”. This word sounds very pleasant unless someone says it in a very high pitched tone (literally means SHOUTING) like teachers in Indian schools sometimes even professors in colleges. But in other cases it gives such a calm vibe.

I heard this somewhere that “silent” and “listen” both have same letters. Unless you are silent, you don’t know how to listen. Silent not in terms of keeping your mouth shut ,rather keeping your mind still and calm. These days we all have loud minds, we can barely sit in a place for about 5 minutes without being bored, annoyed or even frustrated. The word “silence” has garnered such a bad reputation in todays world. When our mind becomes silent and still, everything becomes so clear for us like living in each moment, listening to all those beautiful sounds, being grateful for everything in our lives, being content and happy. All these little miracles tend to happen only when we know how to be silent in our minds .

Its not that easy these days to have a silent mind where everyone is investing their time and effort only to have a LOUD mind like the social media, or even binge watching shows. But what would happen if we decide to stay away from these distractions even for a limited time every single day and try to silence our minds. Then I guess we would unlock a whole new world for ourselves where there is only compassion, gratitude, love, happiness and kindness.

What a beautiful place would that be to LIVE in SILENCE…

Published by Niharika Daivik

A human cannot be put down into few words :)

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