Lost in thoughts

These days ,I’m trying my level best to limit my screen time. I cannot limit the exposure to my laptop as I’m a student. But, I can limit the screen time of my phone. Initially I used to be so hooked on to my phone. I barely switch it off or even turn off the internet access to my phone. But these days I’m trying to turn off the WIFI in my phone so the notifications don’t just keep on popping up . Sometimes I’m even trying to switch off the phone .

When I limited my screen time, I gifted myself some me time. As it is my baby steps into this new routine ,the duration of me time is just about 5 -10 minutes and I plan to increase the time in coming days. During this time, I stay away from my laptop, phone and all the digital distractions. I do NOTHING in this duration .Literally NOTHING. That’s when I was sort of going crazy with all the thoughts, emotions and fears in my mind.

I never knew that I would be so annoyed to do NOTHING. I cannot spend just 5 minutes with myself !? When this fear about uncertainty of future aroused in me,It made me question why are we so scared of an uncertain future. Why are we so lost in our own thoughts, emotions and let them control us and how we feel.

When you have a thought about someone you love, you feel good. But, when you have a thought about someone you dislike, you feel irritated and annoyed. Why do we get so worked up about a single thought? Maybe because we are so much identified with our thoughts. We feel like “WE are our THOUGHTS”. But in reality, we are not our thoughts. Simply put, Thoughts just happen to us.

Thoughts are not a REAL entity. Our thoughts are products of our minds. These thoughts are different to different people. They generally are an outcome of our memories , experiences, company that we entertain and several factors . So there is no reason to get all worked up just because of a thought. Thoughts rise and fall in our minds , just like waves in a sea. If you stop entertaining them , you would be unaffected by them

So ,next time anyone has a bad thought, Just take a deep breath and RELAX…and remind yourself Thoughts aren’t real.

Published by Niharika Daivik

A human cannot be put down into few words :)

3 thoughts on “Lost in thoughts

  1. Well said 🙂 By the way thanks for the tip! Will try it for sure.
    And a question for you what if the case is the person you love the most or people surrounding you, the memories with them create a trauma and fears in your mind, which you haven’t shared with anyone in your life.
    What will be your take on it? How will you overcome?

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    1. The best way for me to get past a trauma would be trying to get rid of those horrible thoughts in my mind. And how do I get rid of it?. Just don’t overthink. Most of the fears and traumas are created when we believe in the stories i.e., thoughts of our mind. We make ourselves suffer because we entertain our thoughts, grasp on to them, identify with them and believe them. Traumas and fears are created most of the time because we believe our horrible thoughts .
      A very small example that I heard from someone for why we suffer. If you take away a toy from a child. The child would cry and get cranky for some hours .But the next day, the child doesn’t cry anymore and is all smiles. Why? Because the child has stopped thinking about the toy.
      So, we block our happiness because of our thoughts. And we have a choice whether we want to indulge in those thoughts and fears or to stop believing in them. Next time you have a horrible thought or fear, try to observe it .Don’t judge it or believe it .Just observe the thoughts and fears. And slowly they would start losing control over you.
      It’s not that easy I agree .But, it’s not impossible either 🙂


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