Is it what “it is “or what you “think it is”!?

How many of us can clearly see what is happening in front of our eyes? I believe a lot of us will be like I have a clear vision and I can see everything properly. But, think again .Are we really seeing things as they are?

Don’t we make up our own stories when we encounter a situation in our day-to-day lives. Just like filters in Instagram ,we all have filters to our minds, which might have been installed in our minds by various memories we have come across or different experiences we have been through. We judge situations, people, things, surroundings based on these filters. And these filters never allow us to see the actual thing that is happening in front of us. There is a famous saying which goes like “People only see what they want to see ,and they never see the actual truth”. If you like/love someone ,no matter what wrong they do, you only defend them. Because you have a filter for that particular person in your mind which only tries to see the good in that person ,no matter how rudely they behave. And the same goes for a person you dislike/hate, no matter how many kind things they do, you only nitpick about them because of the same filter in your mind.

Such is our life. we always fail to see people as they are without forcing our perceptions onto them . We rarely understand situations as they are. These filters in our minds lets us judge people, like/dislike them , hate them or even love them .

I wonder what sort of a world would we live in ,if we see things as they are without the need of these filters. Then you’ll see the real nature behind people’s emotions and feelings and behavior. Someone’s anger might be because of the self hatred .Someone abusive behavior might be because of a malicious upbringing. Then you’ll see why people are “the way they are”. That’s when we’d live in a beautiful world with absolute harmony .Where you don’t like someone or dislike someone. Where you treat everyone with equal eye.

Hope to see a world with minds that have no filters 🙂

Published by Niharika Daivik

A human cannot be put down into few words :)

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