Suffering is the way…

We live in a world of duality good and bad, like and dislike, happy and sad,right and wrong ,the list just goes on .Among all these things, one that feels pleasant is often labelled as something that gives you happiness, and makes you excited. and the ones that sounds/feels unpleasant is labelled as something that makes you sad and suffer. We had always looked into suffering from this “unpleasant” perspective. Basically it’s just been programmed deeply into our minds that suffering is bad, something that is very negative. But it isn’t.

Imagine you’ve lived a life of 100 years. Maybe that number is a rare sight in our times. But just imagine you’ve actually lived a full 100 years. You were born into the richest family, basically with a silver spoon in your mouth. You have got all the luxuries(cars, mansions, etc.,).You are blessed with good health. You had never experienced any pain or struggles in your life. It was more like a cake walk for you.

You had amazing relationships with everyone. Everyone treated you so well. There was no need for you to work as well. Even if you worked ,you made it big. Your entire life i.e., till the day you died, your life was just like this without any suffering. How would you end up like as a person? You might literally be the same one like you were at beginning. You might not have changed at all in terms of character. You wouldn’t grow as a person. When there are no challenges life gets boring at certain point.

In Buddhism, they believe that you should accept suffering as a blessing. Why? Because a human can only grow through these sufferings. Without any pain or challenges thrown at you, how can you change yourself? Pain comes into our lives only to teach us something worthy that we might have been ignoring all our lives. Just think of it, how many have you came across these challenges ,and how they’ve changed you as a person.

But there is a choice in suffering as well. Your growth depends on your choice. Whether you strived to become better or worse. It’s all in that one decision you’ve made in that moment when life challenged you.

Published by Niharika Daivik

A human cannot be put down into few words :)

2 thoughts on “Suffering is the way…

  1. When I read this got a feeling that I am so blessed with the challenges I am facing right now, they have changed me a lot. I have learnt a lot from every situation – that’s what makes a person beautiful in there own way 🙂

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