What if we slowed down!?

We are living in a fast paced environment ,we are so much used to speed and instant stuff, that a slow internet is enough to wreck our minds in 5 seconds. We want everything in matter of seconds with just one or two clicks. We really have lost the patience to wait for situations to unfold at their own pace. It might be success or relationship or money, we want everything in just matter of days .

We run for this success , money, relationships and what not. We hate it when we fall behind others .Thanks to technology, now we are running 24/7. We literally don’t know the meaning of being calm and not getting anxious. We look at someone’s profile and pictures on social media making it big at a very young age and wonder why can’t we be like them. We run our entire lives for fitting into this society, for making it big in the industry that you work for, making money, for being successful in life. Sometimes we even run behind things/people thinking they would give us happiness. We even have this notion that if you’re slow ,then you’re a failure.

Well we rarely understand that everyone has their own pace. It would be foolish if you want everyone to participate in this so called rat race and come in first. There is no prize even if you come in first place. You’re not being given any medal.

Not every individual has same interests. Not every one has same timeline. Someone might be interested in business. Some might be interested in service. Some might be talented in music and some in athletics. There is no saying that goes like if you run faster, you’ll make it bigger in this world. In the end, everyone has to leave the stage called “WORLD”, by dropping dead after their character is finished. Somewhere in this entire running, we have lost the real meaning of life .It is just to LIVE and not to run to achieve some goal. Your entire life wouldn’t go upside down just because you slowed down a bit.

You can only enjoy the process of living ,when you slow down, when you become aware of what you’re doing, by being in the moment.

Take some breaks. Do something that inspires you. Take one step at a time .DON’T RUSH 🙂

Published by Niharika Daivik

A human cannot be put down into few words :)

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