Short story 1

Once a man was travelling across the country reached a kingdom named Athulya. There he planned to stay for two days,before continuing his journey. He was looking around the kingdom for a place to stay. Luckily, a kind man offered shelter in his house. The next day , he had seen the villagers gathering along the road to the palace. The king just arrived after winning the battle .The villagers were all in praise of the king. Everyone was hailing the king “Our king is the greatest”,”there is no one like our king”and so on. The man became eager to  find out why the people of the kingdom are praising the king so much . So he enquired so many villagers about the king. When he asked the villagers”Why are you praising the king so much?”,the reply from villagers would be “Because HE IS A KING”. And when the man asked”Well, what is so great about your king?”,the villagers replied”THAT HE IS A KING!!!!”.the man then asked”What are the qualities that you love in your king”,the villagers gave the same reply”THAT he is born into a KING’s family” . The man was so surprised by the villagers’ answers.   He thought to himself we live in a world of parrot thinkers where no one has a mind of their own. They do what others do.They copy the path that millions of people follow. On the day of his departure ,before leaving he gathered all the villagers and asked a simple question “WHAT is so great about your king that you made him a superior by making yourselves inferior??Think about it” and resumed his journey leaving all of them puzzled. 

Moral: Have a mind of your own.Don’t be too blinded  that you end up idolizing a bunch of fools.

Published by Niharika Daivik

A human cannot be put down into few words :)

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