Let go…

Don’t you think that we humans suffer a lot because of this idea of holding on ,we inculcated from our childhood. Right from the beginning, we have this misconception about holding onto  guilt , love ,emotions and so on. We learnt that if you really love someone, we  hold on to them just like possessing them .No matter how suffocating it might be for the other individual and even to us. We just hold on to the ones we love, our past, our mistakes, the list goes on.

We hold on to our past, no matter how much it hurts. We hold on to our mistakes which created a sense of guilt in us over a period making us feel even more miserable. We torture ourselves because of holding onto people or things too much, not realizing that we are creating more pain emotionally, mentally, and sometimes even physically.

We can only be at peace with ourselves when we learn how to let go when it is time. No matter how much you love a person, if that person is not comfortable in your company , it is better to let them go .An anonymous person  said “When you love someone ,you set them free”. Love is not about possessing but giving them the freedom to be themselves, helping them, and sometimes maybe let them go even if it means that you might not be able to see them anymore. The same goes with our mistakes. Every single person in this world had committed mistake at least once in their life. It does not mean you have to bash yourself till the day you die with guilt still buried in your heart. You might ask what if the mistake was too big to forgive yourself. No matter how big a mistake you made, if you sincerely repent and acknowledge it, then you are already forgiven. We need to know how to be compassionate with ourselves. You cannot expect to leave on peacefully with so much guilt in your heart. So, it is better to let go.

The past might have some beautiful memories. But you cannot live in the present if you keep on holding onto your past. The purpose of life is to grow, and you are obstructing that growth by holding onto the past. You can only be in present when you let go of your past, so that you welcome new experiences and adventures. Maybe even building new relationships that help you become a better individual.

It is better to let go of pain by holding on to it rather than live with it.

Published by Niharika Daivik

A human cannot be put down into few words :)

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