Being grateful in life!!!

How many times had we been grateful for what we have in life?It’s very common for most of us to just complain about what we don’t have in our lives than be grateful for what we have.This is more like a habit .Whenever there is something that is lacking in our life,we just go on complaining about it and making it a big issue.

There is a popular saying which goes like we would only know the actual value of things or people when we lose them. We never care about acknowledging them when we have them.If you want to know the value of time, you should listen about it from a person who is going to die soon.If you want to know the value of hunger,you should ask about it to someone who cannot afford buying food.If you want to know the value of family,ask an orphan. If you are not grateful for the education you had ,ask about it to someone whose cannot afford it and thus know the value of it.If you want to know the value of a house,you can look at hundreds of homeless people who know the value of having a shelter above their heads.Only those who don’t have it,know the value of it.

You life maybe ordinary for you,but extraordinary for many. You may think your life has nothing special in it,but it’s a dream for many others.A lot of them can give up anything to have a life like that of yours.But its very seldom that we acknowledge for what we have and feel grateful about it.Never take anything for granted in your life ,cause every day in your life is more than a miracle for many.Be thankful that you have a family to support,a house to live,food to eat,money to spend,and friends to talk to.And a lot of them don’t have access to very basic things .Don’t take anything or anyone for granted.Once you lose the people you love,no matter how hard you try they can never come back into your life.So,wouldn’t it be better to value them while they are still in your life?

Published by Niharika Daivik

A human cannot be put down into few words :)

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