Fantasy about happiness

Have you ever admired someone more than your self?Like every now and then, you dream about sharing your life with that person.Hoping that maybe you would feel complete if that person enters your life.Maybe that person would bring happiness into your life. They would make you happy,they care for you and would never make you cry.I think we all fantasize about having such a person in our life.

What if that person suddenly comes into your life like a miracle!!Let’s say the person you admired the most came into your life. You would be on cloud nine .You think that now your life is gong to change forever. And what if it turns out that the person you admired the most isn’t actually that worthy?We all do such mistakes in life.We admire someone or something without knowing it’s true nature.And when suddenly that person or thing enters your life,about whom you always had high expectations is actually a regular person with lot of flaws just like any other person. What if that person is making you feel more miserable and lonely than ever?It might sound creepy,but that happens!!And what if you always had the dream of having a luxurious car so that you would be happy.But when you actually get that so called expensive car,you might feel happy for a few moments,but not beyond that.You won’t feel anything changed in your life because of that new possession.Maybe you would go after some other car or big villa or accessories or branded clothing. But they all yield the same results like that of your previous car.Cause they can never make you feel happy or content,only you can do that to yourself.No one and no thing can make you feel better except yourself.Learn to enjoy your own company.

We always feel like happiness is something you get from another individual or a materialistic possession.But it’s not!Happiness is your state of mind whether you are in a group of successful individuals or a bunch of losers as the society likes to tag them.Your happiness completely depends on your perception,but never on another person/thing.When you are happy in your own company,there would be no need for you to expect it from others.There would be no need for you to crave for someone’s company that would make you feel better.Cause you already are in a happy place/state of mind. Learn how to be happy irrespective of situations.Learn how to take care of yourself first. Only when you are healthy and happy,you might be able to help/guide others.

Published by Niharika Daivik

A human cannot be put down into few words :)

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