Never compare yourself with others

We might have heard this line about a million times in our lives. But,in the end we still compare ourselves with others. In the end we think it’s all about who makes it big. As a kid , we were compared with the rest of the kids in our school,even in neighborhood regarding who is doing well in studies,sports and so on. And we would feel incredibly bad if we got less grades compared to rest of them .We would feel bad when we didn’t get into a good college,or good MNC.

We would blame ourselves if we are not making that six or seven digit salary.In the end , we all strive to be like others.But you know the irony here, none of us try to be our original selves. We all try to imitate others,try to be a copy of someone. Making it big might be a privilege for some,but losing yourself in the process is more like a tragedy in the end.You should never lose that spark in you that makes you “YOU”.

There might be 7 billion people out there ,but there is only one YOU. You never look at two alphabets and compare them like which one is greater .Is A greater than B or is Z less than Y.Because each alphabet is unique in it’s own way.The same goes with us humans as well. We all are unique in our own way. Someone is good at arts,some might be good at music,some are good at household work.There is nothing big or small about us. No one is our superior and no one is inferior.It all lies in our perspective.So,let’s embrace our uniqueness as we are so we would never let ourselves down by being someone else.

Published by Niharika Daivik

A human cannot be put down into few words :)

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