Happiness in if-then perspective!!!

From our childhood,it has been installed in our brains that happiness is something we need to chase after. Happiness was more like an entity,an object you see. They say that if you possess more materialistic stuff ,you will be more happy. If you are famous ,then you’ll be happy.If you are have a luxurious lifestyle,then you’ll be happy.If you earn millions of dollars then you’ll be happy. But is that the actual case?Aren’t we looking at happiness in a wrong perspective. If any of the mentioned things would give us happiness, then why do people who possess all that stuff are still unhappy? Why do they look sad,lost?

Because we all got it wrong.Imagine a situation when you help a stranger or a friend or even an enemy. How would we feel in that situation?Unknowingly we feel a sense of happiness within our heart. We are more happy when we give rather than receive.

Happiness is not a condition. We all look at it like if we have or get something,Then we’ll be happy. If I have a car,than I’ll be happy. You might be happy with the car only for a day or two.Maybe at most a week,but not more than that. After that you’ll be back to your routine thing.If you possess million dollars,then I’ll be happy. Even in this scenario, you’d feel more empty than happy.Cause at the end of the day it’s just a piece of paper which is only useful when you are buying stuff .So, we all are chasing after happiness. But very few know that the more you chase after happiness,the more you lose it. Cause happiness is not some”thing” that you go after.It is inside each and everyone of us.Maybe it is just a matter of choice.

We can be happy even when we have nothing and we can be unhappy even when we possess everything in this world.It just depends on us. A matter of choice. Happiness is never a destination ,that when you reach you will be delighted by its sight. But it’s more of an journey on a daily basis.The more you look into it,the more you understand it.And the more you understand it,the more you are one with it.Happiness is more of an inside treasure than an outside chase.

Published by Niharika Daivik

A human cannot be put down into few words :)

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