Why does being kind matter?

Have you ever been through a situation, where someone passed very hurtful comments about you. It might be about your personality, the way you look, or whatever that might be the case. I think all of us been through those situations. Where we do get hurt, but we might not be able to express it because we think no one cares.

To be candid, I have been through a lot of judgement. A lot of them judged me for the way I am, for being myself.They had trouble about me being myself. They would pass comments which I find hurtful and they don’t. And these judgement kind of broke my confidence, and developed inferiority complex in me,that I began to compare myself with everyone around me just to think that I’m not good enough. Words have this power you see, they can leave a deep scar in your heart without anyone even realizing it. The physical pain is visible to all, but the emotional pain, it is quite sad that no one knows how worse it can be until they get to experience it. There is a saying that goes”What if all the words you ever speak appear on your body?then you would be very careful about what to speak”. Because everyone would know what sort of a person you are!Then you wouldn’t utter a single negative word.

The case is everyone in this world is going through some sort of difficulties. You know , everyone has a story.But,not everyone knows about it.Someone lost their loved one. Someone is dealing with physical or mental health issues,someone is facing relationship problems and the list goes on. There is no scarcity for human troubles. But not everyone is interested in talking about their tough times or sad past.If you say something hurtful to people who are going through difficult times as such, do you even wonder how that might affect their emotional health? How much it might break them emotionally? So, instead of passing negative comments about someone,why don’t we just speak words of kindness, compassion,compliments.

Words have the power to break a person and even to heal a person. So, let’s just use our words wisely. Choose words that can encourage others, that can heal, that can make someone’s day. Even if you want to review someone’s work, let’s try the positive approach rather than a negative one. Let us all strive to make this world a happier place!!! 🙂

Published by Niharika Daivik

A human cannot be put down into few words :)

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