Things you experience while living alone!!!

You can be student or an employee living all by yourself. Whatever the situation might be,this post is for you if you’re currently living ALONE!!! It might sound scary for some and exciting for others.But, I guess we all need to take this adventure of living with yourself without being dependent on others. Here are the things I got to experience while living alone

  • You have no one to lean on in the beginning

This is scary at the very beginning of your adventurous journey. Back at your home,you might have your friends and family who always got your back.But,when you go to a place far away from home,everyone around you is a stranger to you. This is all in the beginning.Eventually,as time passes by you will make new friends .

  • You need to motivate yourself

 If you have never lived all by yourself,this is a challenging phase for you.In the beginning,it is so frustrating to manage everything on your own.There will be times when you might regret your decision.”Why did I go for this?” is a common thought that keeps lurking in your mind. But in times like this,you have to stay strong and you have to motivate yourself in order to keep going.

  • You make your own food even you feel lazy

If you are not good at cooking,this is going to be super challenging for you.There will be times when you might burn the food or the food might taste terrible.But you have no other option. If you don’t want to neglect your health,you have to be really careful about your diet.And you have to cook all by yourself.If you eat junk food for prolonged period,you might end up sick.And you can’t take the risk of being sick when you are living alone.Not a good idea.

  • You manage your own expenses

Whether it can be grocery shopping or paying bills on time,you have to do it all by yourself.This might suck at the beginning,but time sets everything straight.Sometimes you wonder how great you are at it or it can go the other way as well(how you suck at it).You don’t feel like spending too much or spending too little. What a mess?!

  • You become confident and stronger than you were before

Being honest,not everyone has the courage to live alone. It takes a lot of strength to go for it.Or this is how I’d like to cheer up myself 😉 At the end of the day,it’s all about who you became as a person. You suddenly start feeling so confident about yourself.Nothing scares you that much.You feel like you became a stronger version of yourself.

  • You start to enjoy your own company

It all starts by loving yourself. And this step happens when you spend time with yourself.When you live alone,you become aware of your strengths,likes,dislikes,weakness and what not.In the process of knowing yourself,you might even fall in love with yourself.Maybe you even end up talking to yourself,which might sound crazy for others.As swami Vivekanada said”Talk to yourself at least once in a day,Otherwise you may miss meeting an excellent person in this world”. That’s how precious is your ME time!!!!

  • You miss your family and friends

This is the phase for all those who love their people so much.It is difficult to stay away from your family,friends,partner.But,thanks to the technology,you can be in touch with all of them every single day. And you don’t feel like you are staying away from them.

  • You’ll be surprised at the outcome of your decision

So,in the end,you have good experiences , bad experiences. The good ones will give you memories and the bad ones turn you into a stronger individual.Whatever it is, this journey of living alone would never disappoint you.You will be surprised at the person you became at the end of this whole journey.

Published by Niharika Daivik

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