Life in a Pass-Fail perspective

A lot of students think that life falls into one of these two categories: Pass or Fail. The pass doesn’t scare you much. The fail does.If you belong to a very competitive society,then you would probably be having nightmares about failing. Its not our fault. Maybe it’s the fault of the society which is made up of some insecure beliefs ,that compels us to believe the way they do. To be honest, even I get scared when I think about the grades, the marks,the entire pass or fail thing. I bet we all do. We get scared of failing an exam,failing in an interview, failing in relationships,failing in having a successful career and what not. Be honest, we all do get scared at some point in our lives, or maybe everyday. We get scared by the thoughts like “what happens if I don’t live up to the standards the society had set for successful LIFE?”.We get scared when we think about future.We get anxious thinking about our past.We get scared every minute of our lives just by thinking or we can call it OVERTHINKING.

Just the perspective of life as Pass-Fail makes it miserable.We are humiliating ourselves by seeing our identity as mere numbers or grades or possessions.We are much more than that materialistic stuff. We are LIFE in our bodies. We are that LIFE without which the bodies are considered mere DEAD. We are that energy which keeps our bodies alive. We are that beings who have the capability to feel emotions.We are that beings who can light up someones world,who can make others laugh,who can care for others. We are “THAT”.

So never make a mistake of undervaluing yourself by thinking that your life is not worth it because you failed an exam,or didn’t crack an interview, or failed in a relationship. Cause you are much more than all of this stuff. Remember ,”You are LIFE”.

Published by Niharika Daivik

A human cannot be put down into few words :)

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